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2/2/2018 11:59:59 PM and 3/2/2018 11:59:59 PM, and reviewed by 3/9/2018 11:59:59 PM

 InstitutionProgram NameCIPFirst Offered DateProgram Description
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BM0000E3C5Blue MountainMedical Office Receptionist51.0712 Medical Reception/Receptionist.9/27/2015A program that prepares individuals, under the supervision of office managers, nurses, or physicians, to provide customer service, visitor reception, and patient intake and discharge services. Include... (click print icon to view more)
CH0001F508ChemeketaAnesthesia Technology51.0809 Anesthesiologist Assistant.9/24/2018The Anesthetic Technology program provides the student with entry level training leading to an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. The curriculum is based on the American Society of Anesthesia... (click print icon to view more)
KL0000BE19KlamathEducation Paraeducator13.0101 Education, General.9/17/2018The Education Paraeducator Career Pathway Certificate is offered to those seeking employment in educational occupations. The Education Paraeducator Career Pathway Certificate specifically prepares stu... (click print icon to view more)
KL0000BE1EKlamathEmergency Response Operations (ERO) - Structural Fire Science43.0302 Crisis/Emergency/Disaster Management.9/24/2018The AAS in ERO provides students with a curriculum specific to the student's individual needs in addition to the knowledge and skills needed in today's changing public safety workplace. The program d... (click print icon to view more)
LA000151EALaneCommercial Unmanned Aerial Systems49.0102 Airline/Commercial/Professional Pilot and Flight Crew.6/15/2018Students will learn how to operate unmanned aircraft and analyze data into commercial grade deliverables consistent with current industry standards through use of advanced imagery and multiple unmanne... (click print icon to view more)
MH00026A3AMt HoodComputer Game and Mobile Applications Programmer Certificate11.0299 Computer Programming, Other.9/24/2018The explosive growth in both the Video Game and Mobile Applications industries – with a projected combined market into the Trillions of dollars by 2022 – have created several opportunities for distinc... (click print icon to view more)
UM00014386UmpquaCivil Engineering and Surveying Technology, Applied Surveying Option15.0201 Civil Engineering Technology/Technician.9/12/2016The field of civil engineering deals with planning, design, construction, and maintenance of structures and utilities. Projects may include highways, bridges, buildings, dams, subdivisions, water supp... (click print icon to view more)
UM00014389UmpquaCivil Engineering and Surveying Technology, Applied Water Quality Option15.0201 Civil Engineering Technology/Technician.9/12/2016All public water and wastewater systems in Oregon are operated and maintained under the supervision of certified operators. The UCC Water Quality program was developed for people interested in a caree... (click print icon to view more)